Certified Construction Project Manager - Mode II (RPLE)


Construction Project Management is a professional discipline that separates the project management function from those of design and implementation functions.

Construction Project Management is defined as management that involves development, change and innovation in operational works that encompass activities such as overall planning, coordination and control of construction projects from commencement to completion.

It’s aim is to fulfil the client’s needs in generating a construction project that is physically functional, completed within stipulated project duration and complying to set costing, quality and standards.

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Who is the Construction Project Manager (CPM)?

The Construction Manager is defined as the individual employed by either the client, consultant or the contractor to manage the project.

They must possess the competencies necessary to plan, organize, execute, monitor, and control activities across across the design, construction and project close-out phases.

(CIDB, 2019)


Improving Construction Product Quality

To enhance construction product quality through construction project administration by qualified and competent construction project managers.

Ensuring Accreditation of CPM

To ascertain that construction project managers are accredited under the requirements of the Construction Industry Competency Standard (CICS) developed jointly by the Board and industry players.

Promoting Excellence in Construction Site Execution

To instill a culture in tendering excellent results in the implementation of construction site tasks via principles of best practice from project commencement to completion.

Accreditation Method

Mode I(a)

Training & Assessment

Mode I(b)

Assessment only

Mode II (RPLE)

Accreditation via Level of Education and Experience (Recognition Prior Learning and Experience, RPLE)

What's included?

  • 16 Modules
  • 3 Face to Face Training Sessions
  • Guided Mock Interview  
  • Portfolio Guide Preparation

Become Certified

Discover how certification in Construction Project Management elevates your expertise and credibility in the field. Learn about CICS which equips you with valuable skills and knowledge to excel in managing construction projects

Elevate Your Career

This is course is endorsed by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) of Malaysia therefore your experience and will be further be legitimized. 

Meet the Trainers/Coach

They are all the professional trainers from various background in the construction industry in Malaysia.
Fadzil Hasan
Prof, Sr , Br, Dr. 
Master Trainer
Fadzil Hasan is an expert in construction management that has extensive knowledge in the field of construction. He has a 20 years+ experience in teaching.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for me to enroll for CCPM?

You can see the requirements based on the following:

Who can apply for this course?

Accreditation is now open to all construction personnel/individual who are directly or indirectly involved in project quality management at construction sites, such as engineers, architects, surveyors, construction managers and other construction related personnel who fulfil eligibility requirements for application and accreditation.

How do i enroll?

You can enroll directly with us or enroll with our partner Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) through this form: 
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