Certified Construction Manager - Mode II (RPLE)


The construction business need qualified project managers in order to realize the success of a project. The industry created the Construction Industry Competency Standard (CICS) for Construction Managers through CIDB in response to this requirement. A version of the CICS for Construction Managers was created using the National Occupational Structure's Level 5. Level 5 Construction abilities Competency Certificates will be given to those who have demonstrated sufficient knowledge and abilities and have been deemed competent.

The aim of the Construction Managers Accreditation Programme is to enable the Malaysian construction industry to accredit competent construction managers through an accreditation process that complies with the Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP) and the Malaysia Construction Industry Development Board Act 1994 (Act 520) (Amendment 2011).
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Accreditation Method

Mode I(a)

Training & Assessment

Mode I(b)

Assessment only

Mode II (RPLE)

Accreditation via Level of Education and Experience (Recognition Prior Learning and Experience, RPLE)

Who is the Construction Manager (CM)?

The Construction Manager is defined as the individual employed by the contractor to lead the construction implementation on behalf of the contractor.

They must possess the competencies necessary to plan, organize, execute, monitor, and control activities across the tendering, site mobilization, construction, and handover phases of the project at the construction site.

(CIDB, 2019)


Accreditation to Construction Managers

To certified construction managers who are accredited and work in Malaysia's construction industry.

Support the initiative

To provide assistance for the endeavor to enhance the proficiency of Malaysian construction managers to an international standard. 

Implementation of CIDB Act

To support the Certified Construction Manager registration process under Part VII, Section 33(1) of the CIDB Act.

Record the information

To compile and retain information on certified construction managers in a single database.

Course Details

This course provides you all the necessary learning and reference materials needed for you to apply for Certified Construction Manager (CCM), Mode II (RPLE) Certification (Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience, RPLE)

What you'll learn?

With this portal, trainees will be guided to understand the structure and methodology of the CCM competency assessment and prepare for the assessments :
Before the training by reading the suggested learning materials
Revise the learning modules with the self-evaluation exercises provided
Understand the level of competency required for each construction management duty and task
Compile a comprehensive portfolio for submission and prepare for the interview assessments

Meet the Trainers/Coach

They are all the professional trainers from various background in the construction industry in Malaysia.
Fadzil Hasan
Prof, Sr , Br, Dr. 
Master Trainer
Fadzil Hasan is an expert in construction management that has extensive knowledge in the field of construction. He has a 20 years+ experience in teaching.
Muhamad Zaihafiz Zainal Abidin
Ts, Sr
He is a lecturer at UITM Shah Alam for the past 2 years . He's an expert in Project/Construction Management, Competency, Assessment, Industrialized Building System, Built
Hairuddin Mohammad
Br, Dr. 
Hairuddin is currently a lecturer at UTHM since 2016 in the Engineering department. He's an expert in Civil Engineering field that has completed numerous of research in Construction Management and Competency in Construction.

Course Outline

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for me to enroll for CCM?

You can see the requirements based on the following:
Successful candidates having passed through any mode will be accredited with a Level 5 Construction Skills Competency Certificate (CSCC) with the accredited Certified Construction Manager’s (CCPM) duties and responsibilities printed on the reverse of the certificate. Subsequently, a Certified Construction Manager is required to update his registration details with the Board.

Who can apply for this course?

Accreditation is now open to all construction personnel/individual who are directly or indirectly involved in construction management who fulfil eligibility requirements for application and accreditation.

How do i enroll?

You can enroll directly with us or enroll with our partner Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM)
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